The research

This section is dedicated to the methodology by which the research for the creation of the video-game was carried out.

The Umbrian Chronicles enhances 11 museums enclosed in 5 Umbrian municipalities. For each municipality involved, useful information was collected to conceive the video-game: characters, buildings, historical details, legends / myths, and more.


Palazzo Collicola
Casa Romana
Museo del tessuto e del costume

Museo ex ferrovia
Museo delle Miniere
Laboratorio scienze della terra


sant'anatolia di narco

Museo della Canapa

monteleone di spoleto

Museo della Biga


Casa dei Racconti


Museo delle Mummie
Museo del Ciarlatano

The most suitable information for the development of the video-game, such as historical characters linked to places or institutions, was then selected from each municipality-file.

From each step of the research, a summary sheet was created collecting the concise information useful for the development of the story.

The inspections on-site

For the development of the video-game, EGA planned a series of inspections, supervised by the cultural association Italian Videogame Program. In a three-days tour, the IVIPRO expert visited 10 museums and 5 municipalities:

Thursday, 8 October 2020
late morning and early afternoon: Palazzo Collicola, Casa Romana;
afternoon: Museum of Mummies, Il Ciarlatano Documentation Center.

Friday, 9 October 2020
morning: Earth Sciences Laboratory, Old Railway Museum;
afternoon: Museum of the Biga.

Saturday, 10 October 2020
morning: Museum of Hemp, Casa dei Racconti;
early afternoon: Museum of the Mines.