Mi Rasna - I'm Etruscan

Mi Rasna – I am Etruscan is a strategy videogame that aims to raise public awareness about the rich historical and archaeological heritage of the Italian territory, bringing the user on a funny and original exploration path of the ancient Etruscan civilization. The player is called to manage one of the 12 most important Etruscan cities, which constituted the so-called Dodecapoli. This peculiar historical setting represented the unique possibility, never achieved so far, of uniting and promoting within a single project a very wide geographical area, covering the regions of Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio, where the Etruscan civilization found its highest expression.

This called for the participation and direct involvement of the cultural institutions present in those regions. Parks, archaeological areas, and museums made available to EGA important material concerning the Etruscan people, including archaeological finds and documentation. These contents were then studied and processed to find proper visibility in the videogame.

Thanks to specific agreements, just signed with the concerned museums, the main Etruscan frontier cities of Emilia Romagna and Campania will also become part of Mi Rasna in the coming months.

Etruscan artifacts displayed
Quizzes on the Etruscan cities
Players geolocated at the museums

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