Sigeric: the travel

Sigeric: the travel is a strategy videogame that takes its cue from the account of the return journey from Rome of the Bishop of Canterbury, Sigeric. Composed around the year 1000, the diary of his pilgrimage is one of the first evidence of the ancient path today called Via Francigena.

Sigeric is considered the most authoritative and reliable source for the description of the long itinerary that links Canterbury to Rome. For this reason, with the precious help of Italia Medievale, the text written by the English bishop was chosen by EGA as a draft on which to develop the game.

Sigeric’s records have been in fact used to build the game plot: by following his footsteps the player will, thus, undertake the several levels of the journey and try to pass the tests which will determine the possibility of continuing or not the travel.

Funded in its first version thanks to the Kickstarter platform, a complete restyling of Sigeric is planned for the future.