The Umbrian Chronicles

The Umbrian Chronicles is a video-game developed in the framework of the Museum connections: between valleys and mountains, villages and cities project presented to the Umbria Region by the Municipality of Spoleto as leader of a network of 11 museums and institutions of the territory of Spoleto and Valnerina.

The video-game is part of the project’s initiatives and provides for the promotion and cultural and environmental enhancement of the territory of the Municipality of Spoleto and Valnerina.

The Umbrian Chronicles is developed for smartphones and tablets and can be used as a playful, promotional and educational tool both on-site and off-site, in order to enhance the institutions and territories involved in the project.

Parallel to the development of the video-game, EGA has planned a monitoring activity aiming to assess the knowledge of the territory of the secondary school’s students in the municipality of Spoleto and Valnerina. Two questionnaires have been supplied to the students. The first survey, submitted before the release of the video-game, attests to the students’ pregresse knowledge of the local cultural heritage, while the second one trys to verify the actual impact of The Umbrian Chronicles on their learning approaches to cultural heritage and their achievements.

The video-game

The Umbrian Chronicles is a narrative serious game telling the story of Ponzia, an art critic asked to write an article on the cultural life of the Spoleto area and Valnerina. The player will follow the protagonist on her journey, learning about the history of these places, meeting historical characters, visiting museums, and discovering myths and legends. During her adventure, Ponzia will find out that those very places hide her family roots.

Project realised with the contribution 
of the Umbria Region.