Time Tales: the Etruscans

Time Tales: the Etruscans is an entertaining educational adventure, funded by Toscana Promozione Turistica, which takes the player back in time in the middle of the Etruscan era. Children thus have the opportunity to learn and deepen the historical information they study at school while having fun.

With the scientific advice of ArcheoKids and of the Association M(u)ovimenti, that have been dealing for years with heritage education intended for children, the goal of Time Tales as a game is to help children to understand abstract concepts remote from their everyday life, with the help of tools in step with the times.

Time Tales, therefore, aims to encourage cultural heritage education. With this project specifically designed for children, EGA wants to make young people and families aware of the rich historical and artistic heritage in Italy and Tuscany, where traces of past civilizations are still visible, in particular, the Etruscan one.

Through an avatar selected at the beginning of the game, the child will experience first hand the proposed story. The starting point of the narrative is the invitation from the virtual parents to visit a museum. Once reluctantly arrived at the gallery, the protagonist-player will be attracted by the glint coming from a showcase: the shining object is a kantharos, an ancient Etruscan vase. This light will then virtually envelop the player, throwing him back into the past, to an Etruscan city. The purpose will be to recover the vase in order to return to the present. To help in this venture there will be Velia, an Etruscan girl who will accompany the little player throughout the journey, giving him suggestions in times of difficulty.

Time Tales: The Etruscans has been conceived as the first episode of a series of chapters dedicated to ancient history and made for children.